Storytelling Resources


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  •  website dealing w/folklore, storytelling, motif indexing
  •  Search engines rvohs/Storytelling/stronglinks.htrn

  • excellent source of 23 links w/description
  • click on Libraries; type ”storytelling websites”in search box

  • storytelling  books, organizations,communities, resources, searches
  • ethnic stories & storyteller

  • links w/descriptions 3 p
  • Stories from A to Z 5p – multi-genre stories

  • listed 121,000sites; type “storytelling websites” in search box
  • notice “Related” column on right w/10 other sites of interest
  • using this site merely click on blue title & won’t have to type in lengthy web address – Great!

  • Why Stories are Important; How to Tell; Reference Materials
  • Click on “For Librarians”;then, “Storytelling”

  • “The Art of Storytelling”site
  • contacts w/online story resources & websites
  • contacts w/storytellers & associations; stories & story sources
  • great wedding stories: “Origin of Pets” ; “The Stone at the Door”

  •  some professional organizations businesses  discussions
  • last three sites the best


  • story creativity, specialized story sites; activities
  • some sites interactive w/music & moving characters
  • “Oobiestories”- http://com

o “Time Capsule”;”Bad Movies & Popcorn”

http://vv\vvv.42expl .htrn

  • “The Art of Storytelling” – 7 sites
  • story websites w/activities – 7sites
  • Tell a Story – 9 sites
  • More Storytelling Websites – 8 sites
  • Online Stories & Tales – 13 sites


Storytelling Bibliographies (5)

  • Storytelling Websites (4)
  • Storytelling E-Mail Lists
  • “Nan’s Wish” participatory story

http://v,,;vv\ /linkspa2:e.html

  • links to websites usually professional storyteller sites

htto://courses.’efiga /STORYTELL ING 1Storvte1J in g-\Vebsites.htm

  • of N. Texas School of Library & Info. Services site 28p Divided into sections, multiple sites in each section

Pg 6   ‘Ethical Implications of Storytelling”        excellent Pg 6            “U.S. Copyright Office Homepage – a “must read” Pg 4        “Vocal Tips for Storytellers”

Pg 9    “Stories to tell Children: 51 Stories…” 122p great/ I

Pg 11 “The Book of Lost Tales” -The Silkie Folk

Pg 13 “Ancient Riddles” Pg 14   “Heirloom Stories”

Pg 15   “We Made Do-Recalling the Great Depression”

Pg 16      University of FL -Samuel Proctor -Oral History Program Pg 19 “Tibetan Folk Tales–20 story choices

The Island of Beautiful Women

  • Pg 20 “Lithuanian Mythology”