Community Performances

Many of our Tale Tellers participate in events around the state and even out of state.
Below find some of the upcoming events of interest.


Info:  or (352) 375-4472  or  Mary Lee – 386-439-9413 – [email protected]

Backintyme will present a workshop 2:00pm – 3:00pm &  perform in evening concert

Complete schedule

December 12, 2019 Palm Coast Civil War Round Table 6:30pm
Songs and Stories of the Civil War

Natalie Beltrami

Kathy Duffy

David Fussell

Chris Kastle

Debra Weller

August 17- Alice Mosely  Fun Festival
11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
Historic Train Depot
1928 Depot Way
Bay St. Louis , Miss.

Annette Petrick

RADIO SHOW – Annette Petrick has a daily radio show Consider This with Annette Petrick..  Ninety second episodes have stories and thoughts that reach out with hope and joy. Her inspiring messages are fast paced reminders of what’s right in your world, or how to fix what’s wrong.  

WEBSITE – Nearly a hundred stories delivered with zest by this seasoned story teller, public speaker and radio personality. are captured on the website –

Listen to the stories or read them. You may find a real life story with a message or a punch line.  It may be a lyrical musing about ordinary things that bring happiness or deserve appreciation.  It could be a reminder, a reminiscence or a rant. Many have twists that get you nodding your head or laughing in surprise.  

SUNDAY STORY –  Fans can receive one Consider This show by email each Sunday morning.  Sign up on the website –  ht tps://

PUBLISHNED AUTHOR – In 2018, a book featuring over 60 holiday-themed stories was published.  See details at – Tiny Little Stories of Christmas Love, Joy & Wonder.

NATIONAL MAGAZINE – Annette’s stories, audio and print, are now featured in GRAND, a lifestyle magazine.  See the latest story –…/little-thinkers-by-annette…/. See the latest full issue of GRAND –

[email protected]

Kathy Kniery

Margaret Kaler