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The Tale Tellers of St. Augustine performers run the range of personal stories, re-enactment based stories, original stories, humorous, serious and healing stories. You can find just the performer for your special storytelling events and needs. Many have their own websites you can visit. For those that do not, just send an e-mail for more information to [email protected]

Please note that Tale Tellers of St. Augustine provides this performance directory as a public service. The individuals shown below are current members of Tale Tellers of St. Augustine who have chosen to advertise their talents on this web site. Potential employers and/or sponsors are encouraged to check the references of any teller being considered prior to issuing a performance contract, and to be aware that fees vary widely. Tale Tellers of St. Augustine cannot make specific recommendations.


Betty Fell

Tales – Old and New from Near and Far
Myths, Legends, Fairy Tales,
Tales from History and Family Happenings.
Over 10 years experience with Audiences Large & Small.
Let me tell YOU a story! Telephone: 904-471-0179
E-Mail: [email protected]

Margaret Kaler

Margaret tells traditional folk tales and myths, stories about history, stories from many cultures, and from her life here in St. Augustine. Her style is colorful, dramatic, and humorous! She also portrays many historic and literary women.  She is honored to be a featured Florida teller at the Florida Storytelling Festival in January 2019. Stories for all — 5 to 95.  Telephone: 904-377-7063 E-Mail: [email protected]

Chris Kastle

Chris Kastle has performed throughout the United States and in Canada, Europe, and New Zealand.  Her three most recent CDs reflect her versatility as a vocalist, musician, songwriter, storyteller, and, at times, her background in traditional maritime and Celtic music. Her original works have been described as “exquisite” and possessing “powerful imagery”.   She accompanies her songs on finger-style guitar and occasionally fiddle, penny whistle, spoons, bodhran, and mandolin. Chris is a published author with two new books in 2014, an exhibiting visual artist, educator, and one-time Tall Ship sailor living in the historic city of St. Augustine. In 2015 she was presented with the Annette J. Bruce Lifetime Achievement Award by the Florida Storytelling Association. In May of 2016 she posted a video of her song, El Faro, in memory of the crew.  For more information about Chris and her many talents please visit:

Joyce Sabato

Joyce is an accomplished storyteller, musician and educator. Her stories and songs reach a wide variety of age groups. As an educator living in St Augustine she believes that all happenings are fodder for future fables. Joyce now serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Storytellers Association. Telephone: 603-548-7268 E-Mail: [email protected]

Rita Saker

Retired teacher and Librarian has entertained young and old alike. Her vivacious personality and way with words will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. With her bilingualism and sidekick puppets, Rita will keep you captivated with tales from around the world. Telephone: 904-325-2612 E-Mail: [email protected]

Sharon Sappington

Her quiet style is a joy for all who hear her
Tales of myth, mirth & magic
Retired librarian…now storyteller for all ages
Stories for schools, retirement villages, benefits,
Festivals, Limelight Theatre
Always expect to be smiling sometime during her stories
Telephone: 904-797-2025 E-Mail: [email protected]

Drew Sappington

Drew Sappington is an author and storyteller. He has worked a variety of odd jobs–at least they seemed odd to him. These include college professor, pest control guy, ward administrator in a mental hospital, researcher, bouncer at a teenage nightclub, fencer (hog-wire, not swords) and clinical psychologist. A member of the Tale Tellers of St. Augustine, he performs in theaters, at folk festivals and most anywhere people will sit still. He has published one textbook, forty articles in professional journals (including Psychological Bulletin and American Psychologist) and a few stories in publications that people actually read. He enjoys history and St. Augustine.

Telephone: 904-797-2025 E-Mail: [email protected]

The Storytelling Sims
Wayne & Jane Sims

Humorists, Historians, Tandem Tellers
Telephone: (904) 823-7969   Email: [email protected]

On the Web @ National Storytelling Network:
The Storytelling Sims: Wayne & Jane

Media Mention:
The Sims:
World War II Stories
The Sims: St. Johns Riverkeeper Cruises
Jane Sims: FSA Lifetime Achievement Award
Wayne Sims: Portrays William Bartram


Frank & Mary Lee Sweet

Backintyme portrays living history in song and story. Programs include Civil War, Christmas, Fourth of July, Irish, Stephen Foster, Mary Lincoln, Mark Twain, Stories from Florida History, 19th Century children’s stories and songs. Customized programs upon request.

[email protected]

Natalie Beltrami

Natalie is an artist, actor, and storyteller. She believes our stories are the threads that create the fabric of our lives. When we reflect on them, we see the rich pattern of who we are. When we see them, we see we are all pieces of the same garment. Performances include Limelight Theatre shows, festivals and libraries. St. Augustine, FL 32086
Telephone:  (904) 797-6520  E-Mail: [email protected]

Anita Haller

Anita is a native of Ooltewah TN and worked for the TN Regional Library Service supporting public libraries in remote mountain communities through the bookmobile service. She specializes in Appalachian humor and ghost stories. Flagler Beach, FL 32136
Telephone: 386-439-3807   E-Mail: [email protected]

Kathy Kniery

Kathy is a recently transplanted Illinoisan.  After 30 years of serving in public and private schools as a library/media specialist and sometimes social studies teacher, she gave up cold weather and snow for sunshine and ocean breezes.  It was not a hard choice.  Now retired she is focusing on the favorite part of her former career:  storytelling.  Kathy is also learning more about her favorite hobbies, photography and graphic arts.

Retired educator and storyteller and a fan of the CUBS!  East Palatka, FL 32131
Learn more about Kathy at her website:
Telephone: 309-825-8482  E-Mail: [email protected]

Kathy Duffy

Kathy is a retired librarian who has found a new life through her interests in storytelling and medieval reenactments. Her storytelling repretoire ranges from lighthearted tales to grim and scary suitable for all audiences.  She is an accomplished teller at festivals around the country.
Telephone: 386-2834362   E-Mail: [email protected]

David Fussell

David Fussell, a fifth generation Florida Cracker and fifth generation Wiregrass Georgia Cracker, tells yarns and rhythms of Cracker life through personal experiences and learned lore of Florida’s past. With wit, wisdom, humor, and laughter the Cracker South comes alive; fifty years of storytelling from the front porch.
Telephone: 309-825-8482   E-Mail: [email protected].

Debra Weller

Debra Weller, Storyteller with guitar and song, presents interactive storytelling concerts. She has performed in many states and internationally. Through lively telling of participatory folk, original tales and folksongs, she engages and delights audiences of all ages.  Her work with children includes afterschool storytelling clubs and summer storytelling camps. For adults she presents workshops, seminars, docent training and living history, character development. She loves to help families write family history stories to preserve and bring memories to life. Debra can customize a program for a particular theme or holiday. Her repertoire includes performing as Mrs. Santa Claus at holiday events. You can find examples of her work on YouTube.

Telephone: 904-679-4066  Email: [email protected]

Rose van der Berg

Rose van der Berg is a professional storyteller and award-winning teaching artist. She studied storytelling with Elizabeth Ellis and Viola Spolin’s theater game facilitation techniques and story theater with improv pioneer and co-founder of Chicago’s The Second City, Paul Sills. She’s often described as a gifted, dynamic teller and teacher.

Telephone: 407-462-3557   E-Mail: [email protected]

Annette Petrick

Annette Petrick hosts Consider This, a weekly show touching moments of reflection and inspiration through dozens of stories in a 90 second episode as broadcast on radio. Initially a prize-winning association management professional, Annette later became a consultant, speaker and strategist, working with trade associations and professional societies from Canada to California. For ten years, she wrote a 5 Minute Marketing column in Logistics Journal, published by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Visit Consider This and listen.

Telephone: 540-270-9016  E-Mail: [email protected]

With fond memories we remember our Tale Tellers of recent times past.

Shirley Bryce
Terri McConnell
MJ Harris
Gail Pflaster
Eve Bates
Joe Fell